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I’m Paul

nice to meet you

In my 20+ years devoted to the real estate industry, I’ve worked for three different firms of varying size and scale. I’ve learned the pros and cons of the rules, regulations, and strategies that made each company what it is.  At Readi-Home, I’m dedicated to building a model that is best for the real estate client.  I firmly believe that keeping the client’s needs at the forefront of everything will lead to mutual success. 

Before starting Readi-Home, I was responsible for the training and strategic development in an office of more than 100 real estate professionals, which gave me an acute understanding of the complex dynamics that drive the local real estate market. I have been regarded as a “go-to” resource for other agents, brokers, title companies, media, and the public to help them understand what affects the market and what doesn’t. My ability to filter out the noise, understand the truth, and communicate the facts are just a few of the attributes I bring to the table.


WHY readi-home?

I’ve always felt there was something missing from the traditional model in the real estate business:  total focus on the needs of the client. In the traditional real estate model, agent training, transaction methodologies, and even the flow of paperwork is focused on benefitting the agent or the real estate company.  It’s time the most important person in the real estate transaction comes first:  YOU!

No two homes are alike and neither are the needs or wants of buyers and sellers. Every home, person, and circumstance is unique with ever-changing challenges and obstacles, and therefore requires a customized approach. Our mission is to analyze and understand hyper local market dynamics and formulate the right plan to accomplish your desired goal.  We have the experience to take the lead and get it done right.